Charlie Hynes: Reality TV Star

Reality TV, it seems, isn't just for bimbos anymore. Veteran Brooklyn District Attorney Charlie Hynes will star in “Brooklyn D.A.,” a 6-episode CBS series airing on May 21 -- as Hynes faces down two challengers in a hotly-contested Democratic primary.

Hynes' primary campaign will figure in the show, which will follow controversial, bigger-than-life rackets chief Michael Vecchione and communications director Jerry Schmetterer.

The bid for free air time, quipped primary challenger and former Manhattan district attorney Abe George, points up the fact that Hynes doesn’t so much want to be D.A. as to play one on TV.

Former federal prosecutor Ken Thompson, also challenging Hynes, surmised that if the D.A. spent more time on the job than in front of the camera, he might raise Brooklyn's abysmal felony conviction rate.

The Hynes campaign shot back that Thompson and George were just jealous.

The D.A.'s office has invited the film crew along on two sensitive sting operations, in the works for months.  Other featured cases include the Park Slope man who dressed as his dead mother to collect her social security checks; a ghoulish funeral home-based bone and tissue selling ring; and an amputation-by-elevator.

The article from the Daily News.

Abe George:  Hyne's new reality show basically an infomercial [Daily News.]

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CBS moves Brooklyn D.A. to a Saturday night slot.

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