Bortnick: "Sadist-Khan" Making "War on Cars"

Nothing brings out the hyperbole in Community Board 10's Allen Bortnick like Department of Transportation Commmissioner Janette Sadik-Khan's plans to make Brooklyn streets more pedestrian-friendly.

When DOT, at its Fourth Avenue Open House on March 21, unveiled its plans to slow traffic on 4th Avenue, including neck downs, a pedestrian island and more visible crosswalks, Bortnick only noticed the missing parking spots.

Sadik-Khan, Bortnick told Will Bredderman of the Brooklyn Paper/Courier Life, whose article Gothamist referenced, should be known as "Sadist-Khan", because she never met a car she didn't like.

Bortnick's schtick's getting old.  There's more to life than parking.

Bredderman's article from the Brooklyn Paper.

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Breukelener said...

It's a shame that there is not more participation by a cross section of Bay Ridge residents at the community board and at these planning meetings.

Cranks will still be there, but they will be a voice among many, rather than the "usual suspect(s)" who can get far more influence/talk time otherwise. Then the local papers amplify this by going to such people for comment on a regular basis.

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