Bay Ridge Democrats Campaign for Speed Cameras

Witnesses said that, on March 13, two cars were doing a "Fast and Furious" down 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge with one guy hanging out the window filming the other car as they were racing.

The driver/cameraman lost control of his car, which jumped the curb and hit a woman crossing the street.

Witnesses thought, by the amount of blood at the scene, that the woman, who was thrown into the air by the impact, then dragged, must be dead. But she reportedly survived, although her prognosis isn't known.

The driver stopped. No arrest was made.

Last month in Bay Ridge, a 15-year-old Xaverian student was struck by a hit-and-run driver while crossing with the light at 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge.  Nearly every bone in his body was broken.

Last year, a hit-and-run driver left Amjad Barakat, run down in a crosswalk at 72 Street at 7th Avenue in Bay Ridge, lying dead in the roadway.

Speeding is the leading cause of fatal crashes in NYC. 1 in 4 people who die in traffic crashes are killed by speeding drivers. Speeding kills more New Yorkers than alcohol, drug and in-hand cell-phones combined.

In recent months, the city's pedestrian body count has included:
  • A speeding driver in LIC in Queens killed Drudak Tenzin and sent four others to the hospital.
  • In Williamsburg, a driver going two times the speed limit killed expectant parents Raizel and Nachman Glauber.
  • In Gravesend, a speeding driver killed Chenugor Dao and sent seven others to the hospital.
  • In Parkchester, a driver who killed Amanda Garcia was going so fast the vehicle's gas tank ruptured.
  • In Manhattan's Kips Bay, a speeding driver killed Mir Hossain while he stood next to his taxi, tossing him into the air.
  • In Jamaica, Queens, a speeding driver threw Maria Beria’s body the length of three cars, killing her.
  • In Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, Jonathan Sade sped through a traffic light, killing Andre Capers-Jones, Leonora Lavaud and himself.
  • In East Tremont in the Bronx, a driver killed a 55-year-old man with such speed the victim flew 20 feet.
Bay Ridge Democrats has mounted an advocacy campaign in support of A-4327, a bill introduced in the State Assembly that would allow New York City to test a speed camera demonstration program.

The program, which has the support of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, would place cameras throughout the five boroughs where speeding and speed-related crashes, injuries and fatalities have happened. The city would prioritize intersections according to community input and proximity to schools, parks and residential areas.

Senator Marty Golden opposes this bill.

Bay Ridge Democrats urges that you call on him to support it.

You can reach him at (718) 238-6044 in Bay Ridge or (518) 455-2730 in Albany.  Or Email him.

Deaths as a result of speed-related crashes in New York City jumped 65% in 2012 [Daily News.]

More cops, not cameras, Golden fires back.  (Like those cops are gonna be writing speeding tickets on 4th Avenue) [Brooklyn Daily.]

With the help of Simcha Felder and Marty Golden, A-4327 was defeated [Brooklyn Eagle.]

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