"A Ticking Time Bomb"

The Washington Post reports that under the sequester, which took effect today in the absence of a budget deal in Washington, post-disaster FEMA funding would be cut by $1 billion, with FEMA running run out of money by September 3, the end of the fiscal year.

The still-ongoing recovery process, not just for Sandy, but for Joplin, Katrina and other recoveries, will be affected by the sequester.

The sequester will slow down the Sandy recovery process, already expected to take years to complete. Slowing the process will impose an "anti-stimulus" on people struggling to come back from these disasters.

If the sequester doesn't get resolved, FEMA, a relatively small agency -- only a couple of thousand people -- may have to pull workers out of New York and New Jersey.

In the sequester's aftermath, FEMA officials predict a mad scramble for money at the state level.

The article from the Washington Post.

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