Notorious 93

I took the photo at right yesterday afternoon at the corner of 93rd Street and 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge.

Outside Morris Discount, two young males and two younger females are transacting something on the corner.

Four young people:  two black-haired, olive-skinned Mid-Eastern males dressed head-to-toe in denim blue, and two fair-skinned, light-haired Northern European females in skin-tight black spandex pants and hooker heels.

After the girls parted company with the men, the younger girl, apparently just getting the hang of the sky-high heels, staggered off beside the older girl toward the Prince Hotel, barely able to keep up.

The people on the counter at Morris Discount saw it all. They see it all every day, and it looks like business to them.

They're wondering why the neighbors aren't out protesting on the sidewalk in front of the Prince Hotel -- never mind the futile 311 complaints.

They're waiting for an NYPD detective to stop by and ask them about the girls on the corner, the drugs, the fights, the blood and the broken bottles on the floor of the 93 Lounge.

They imagine somebody's paying off the cops.

The 93 Lounge has finally shown up on the State Liquor Board's radar [Home Reporter.]

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