New York City Primary Scheduling Crisis

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos has rejected a June date for the New York City primaries, saying incumbents would have to skip important votes and hearings to campaign during the spring legislative session.

Skelos said he would consider an August date, but Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver nixed that idea because he said it would result in low voter turnout.

The New York City Board of Elections argued that Albany's refusal to compromise, given the unusually crowded fields in the Democratic and Republican mayoral races, will mean too little time to schedule a runoff before the general election in November.

If no candidate gets 40% of the primary vote, a runoff must be held within two weeks. Local election officials say that, because of the time-consuming counting process for the new scanner machines, they won't be able to count the primary votes, hold a runoff, and reset the machines in time for the general election in November unless the primary date is moved back from September.

Warning that Albany's failure to agree on earlier primary date could cause chaos in November, the city Board of Elections is considering an appeal to the state to force a compromise, saying it can't complete a runoff within the existing timeframe.

The article from NBC New York.

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