Mold, Squalor the "New Normal" in Coney's West End

As Brooklyn Bureau reports, life in Coney Island's West End after Hurricane Sandy is a lot like life before the Projects: slum.

You have to go inside the towers to experience it: cold nights, creeping mold, garbage-filled hallways, a growing stench, rats and roaches.

Even though people have gone home and there is some heat and power in the West End Projects, residents say NYCHA turns the heat off at night.

Mold, creeping up the walls and elevator shafts, is a growing problem in the towers. For now, the cold is keeping it at bay, but as the weather warms and spores emerge, the buildings could be overrun by mold, making them unlivable.

In nearby Gerritsen Beach, where 2,000 homes were under water, more than 100, abandoned by owners before or during the storm, are filled with mold.

Neither NYCHA nor the city Department of Health and Mental Health have surveyed mold damage post-Sandy.

FEMA, as of January 15, said it had disbursed $850 million in grants to New York City applicants, with a backlog of 263,000 applications.

Rapid Repairs, due to end this month, is also backlogged.

How much work has yet to be done in the hurricane's aftermath, there's no telling:  the fragmented city agencies charged with the relief and recovery effort have no citywide numbers to offer.

The article from Brooklyn Bureau.

At the end of January, the Bloomberg administration announced a post-Sandy mold-fighting initiative [NYC.gov.]

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