Jaccarino Gets Misdemeanor Plea Deal in EMT Assault

According to the Daily News, Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Michael Jaccarino, who assaulted veteran EMT Teresa Soler in an ambulance last November, got a sweetheart plea deal and might keep his job.

The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office said it cut Jaccarino's felony second-degree assault charge to a misdemeanor because he was "too drunk to form intent" when he assaulted Soler.

Around 1 AM on November 10, 2012, somebody called 911 to report a drunk in the roadway.  An ambulance was dispatched. 

When EMT Soler approached him, Jaccarino, walking home solo, flashed his badge, then climbed into the wagon on his own.

After Soler's partner, Charles Bernardi, was behind the wheel, Jaccarino undid his restraints.  When Soler tried to strap him back in, he went after her, pinning her down so hard she couldn't speak, swallow or breathe.

Finally, Bernardi heard her muffled cries and slammed on the brakes, sending her and Jacccarino flying together.

When Jaccarino got back up, he punched Soler in the face, knocking her out cold.

By the time Bernardi made it around the back of the wagon and opened the doors, Jaccarino had his hands around Soler's neck.

Bernardi needed the help of a passing off-duty paramedic to get Jaccrarino off of the unconscious Soler and hold him for the cops.

Emotionless upon arrest, Jaccarino denied any memory of the assault.

He was released without bail at arraignment. 

Soler, who had two black eyes, a swollen face, and Jaccarino's handprints on her neck, missed a month of work and is now afraid of her job.

Suspended without pay from the Brooklyn DA's Office when charged, Jaccarino will be eligible to return after completing 10 days of community service, alcohol treatment, and a review by a professional ethics panel.

Ironic that a guy deemed too drunk to form the necessary intent for felony assault nevertheless managed to walk away from one.

The article from the Daily News.

More from the New York Law Journal.

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