Golden "a Lhota Guy"

State Senator Marty Golden, "the dean of New York City’s Republican elected officials" according to the New York Post, is backing former Guiliani deputy Joe Lhota for mayor.

Golden predicts that most of the city's eight GOP electeds will join him, because Lhota, he says, has the only shot at winning the mayoral election.

But in a split that reflects the Republican Party's scramble for demographic relevance, Brooklyn GOP chair Craig Eaton is backing the Hispanic candidate.

Lhota, like popular Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie, is a complex, sophisticated urban Republican -- a smart, tough, competent manager who favors gay marriage and legal marijuana.

The son of a cop who grew up in the Bronx, Lhota's got the tabloid swagger and the personal integrity to win friends in unlikely places.

Politicians like Lhota and Christie -- fiscal conservatives who are tough on public safety issues -- are seen as the kind of candidates the Republican party needs to regain urban relevance.

Populist appeal will be a stretch for Lhota, though:  the former investment banker and Cablevision executive presided over an MTA fare hike and is married to a Republican fundraiser.

But if Chris Christie could get elected governor of New Jersey, maybe Joe Lhota could get elected mayor of New York City.

The article from the New Republic.

On Sunday, March 10, Lhota will be at the Brooklyn Young Republican Club's meeting at the Ceol Pub in Cobble Hill.

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