Gentile: Bury Power Lines

Local City Council Member Vinnie Gentile joined his colleagues and Council Speaker Christine Quinn in passing a bill requiring the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability (OLTPS) to determine where in the city it would be most advantageous to bury power lines.

Gentile, a longtime advocate of underground power lines, said Sandy proved just how vulnerable Southern Brooklyn's above-ground lines are.

Burying power lines would improve New Yorkers' safety in extreme weather events, he said.

In Sandy's wake, falling trees took down about 150 miles of power lines, leaving about 2 million people in the dark.

Within a few days, power was up again in neighborhoods with underground power lines, while neighborhoods supplied by above-ground lines were without power for weeks.

In the hurricane's wake, Gentile said, we need find ways to make the city's entire electrical system more resilient.

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