Buy "Keep Calm and Rebuild Breezy" T-Shirts Via Paypal

Back in November, I posted that Henry Harde's Wines and Liquors, at 9314 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, was selling t-shirts and hoodies to raise money for the relief effort in Breezy Point.

The shirts weren't available yet for mail order delivery via the Internet, but the organizers have now sent an update containing the Paypal link. (If the link is timed-out, go back to the Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund page and forward from there.)

Your $25 donation buys a "Keep Calm and Rebuild Breezy T-Shirt" + a sheet of sheet rock.

Please include your address, your t-shirt size(s) and the quantity ordered.

All donations go to benefit the Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund.

Like "Rebuild Breezy" on Facebook and follow the recovery on Twitter.

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Rebuild Breezy said...

Thank you! Daily update: https://www.facebook.com/RebuildBreezyPoint #rebuildbreezy #breezypoint #sandyrelief #sandyvolunteers

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