Brooklyn Leads City in Injuries to Pedestrians, Cyclists

According to the State Department of Motor Vehicles' preliminary 2012 data on pedestrian and cycling deaths in New York City, 155 died in traffic and 15,465 were injured.

Just one homicide prosecution came out of these numbers.

More than a third of last year's reported crashes happened in Brooklyn, where 48 (41 pedestrians and 7 cyclists) were killed and 5,377 were hurt.

Brooklyn led the boroughs last year in overall injuries to pedestrians and cyclists.

Nearly 30% of crashes that kill or seriously injure pedestrians involve a driver refusing to yield. 

Because drivers are allowed to compete with pedestrians in New York City crosswalks, cars hit more pedestrians crossing with the signal than without.  

Which is why I jaywalk:  when they have to stop, I go.
The article from Gothamist.

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