Albanese: Get Off Workers' Backs!

In a statement, Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese, who rallied this week with Amalgamated Transit Union drivers protesting Cablevision's recent lockout of 22 workers for trying to redress their grievances, said that workers across the city are rightly fed up with public and private sector efforts to balance budgets on working people's backs.

Workers aren't asking for special treatment, Albanese said.  They just want fairness.  Stripping people of basic collective bargaining rights is bad politics, bad policy and bad business, he said.

Cablevision's lock-out of 22 workers who tried to complain about work conditions exemplifies this kind of wrong-headed management, he said, and explains why communications workers across the region are organizing their workplaces.

Albanese, whose mother was a garment worker and union stalwart, said he'd never imagined he'd see labor rights eroded to this point.

Having stood with the ATU bus drivers since their strike began, he said, he will stand with the Cablevision 22 as well. 

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