Why Sal's Running

Sal Albanese, a former five-term New York City Council Member, has filed official paperwork with the Campaign Finance Board to run for Mayor of New York City.

He will campaign as a Democrat and be on the 2013 primary ballot.

His campaign, seeded with a personal loan, will be managed by Chris McCreight, with Todd Brogan as communications director.

Why is Sal running?  Because, he said, New York deserves a government that works for all New Yorkers, starting with a mayor who isn't beholden to party bosses or special interests; isn't afraid to tell the truth; and cares about the same things that average New Yorkers do.

He'll be the same kind of mayor, he said, as he was a Council member: telling the truth about where he stands on the issues, without hedging; running a transparent campaign, free of backroom deals; and listening to all the voters, not just "most favored constituencies".

Albanese, an Italian immigrant, said he won't forget that it's the millions of hard-working New Yorkers pursuing the American Dream that make the city great.

Their mayor, he said, should understand their problems; should bring smart planning and good people to the table; and should have the courage, independence and strength to do the right thing.

Independent leadership is key, he said.  Without it, the taxpayers are ignored while their money is wasted; unqualified political hacks sit in powerful positions acquired as political payback; and businesses, schools and communities suffer.

Albanese's voting record matches his Progressive vision.  He pioneered support for LGBT rights in the 1980s; fought for the Living Wage Law in the 1990s; was a key supporter of term limits (pushed aside by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2008); and advocates campaign finance reform.

His candidacy, he said, will be built on popular support, honestly won, not litmus tests and patronage perks.  It's that kind of independence the city needs, he said, to move forward.

Born in Calabria in 1949, Albanese moved to Park Slope with his family when he was 8 years old.  He is a 1967 graduate of John Jay High School; earned a B.A. in Education from CUNY in 1972; and holds both an  M.A. in Health from New York University (1976) and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School (1990).  He also holds Series 7 and 63 financial services licenses.

Albanese taught in the New York public schools for eleven years before running for City Council in 1982, where he defeated a 21-year incumbent and was re-elected four times in the 43rd District before running for Mayor in 1997.

Since leaving city politics fifteen years ago, Albanese has worked in the private sector as a lawyer and a finance professional. For the past nine years, he has been managing director of Mesirow Financial.

He lives in Bay Ridge with Lorraine, his wife of 40 years.  The couple has two daughters.

Link to the campaign website.

Albanese faces stiff campaign fundraising competition.  Rival Democrat Bill Thompson has raised $1 million over the past 6 months [Brooklyn Daily.]

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