"I Support Our Troops." Really?

In an email blast, Michael Moore asked the pertinent question what all the people who say they support our troops are doing to get them out of the hell-holes they're being sent to by the military-industrial complex.

How many of those who say they support the troops, Moore asked, have actually been to a VA hospital to visit wounded soldiers, or have any idea what it's like for soldiers waiting for VA pensions?

How many know about the 19,000 (mostly) female troops raped or sexually assaulted every year by other soldiers?

How many know that, on any given night, there are at least 60,000 American veterans sleeping on the street, at least 12,700 of them homeless veterans of Iraq/Afghanistan?

How many know that an estimated 18 veterans a day commit suicide, or that one of every five U.S. suicides is a vet?

More American soldiers are killing themselves than are being killed in combat (323 suicides in 2012 through November vs. about 210 combat deaths).  An American soldier is now more likely to commit suicide than be killed by al Qaeda or the Taliban.

How many know that soldiers' homes are being foreclosed on and their families evicted while they are serving overseas?

At the movie theater he runs in Michigan, Moore has started his own affirmative action plan for Iraq/Afghanistan vets and is recruiting other local businesses to join the hiring effort.

His theater also lets service members watch movies for free.

What New York City vets face at the VA.

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