Rally Against Verrazano Toll Hikes


Addressing today's rally, Albanese, a Democratic candidate for mayor, promised that, if elected, he would fight for Staten Island.

He was fighting toll hikes on the Verrazano as a City Council member from Bay Ridge 15 years ago, he said.

The hikes, he said, are due to the indifference of the political class to Staten Island -- despite the fact that even they have to pay $13 to drive across the bridge from Brooklyn.

Rising tolls on the Verrazano are "unsustainable" and hurt business, Albanese said, calling on those who came out to today's rally to help put an end to the hikes.


Tomorrow, Saturday, January 26 at 12 PM, at the Verrazano Bridge Monument, at Lily Pond and Major Avenues in Staten Island (next to bridge entrance), former City Council Member Sal Albanese, with members of the South Beach Civic Association, local elected officials and community members, will address the "Take a Stand against Toll Hikes" rally by Staten Islanders protesting toll hikes on the Verrazano Bridge.

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Todd Brogan | press@salalbanese2013.com | 347-2013SAL (347-201-3725).

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