On a Forsaken Bay Ridge Block, More Mayhem

The Brooklyn driver who ran down four pedestrians at 3 AM on New Year's day outside 93 Lounge, on 93rd Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues in Bay Ridge, was arraigned today on charges of attempted murder, assault and DWI.

Luis Rodriguez, the most critically-injured of the victims, all of whom were hospitalized, is in a medically-induced coma.

At arraignment, the defendant, who blew a 1.33 breathalyzer test (0.8 is the legal limit and the world record BAC is 1.48), blamed his mind-blowing drunk-driving rampage on the fact that he and his girlfriend were being chased by a pack of 15 armed men from the club.

Defendant's girlfriend, who took the wheel after he had put four people on the ground, was charged with DWI and DLS.  (Her license is suspended for drunk driving.)

According to one of the victims, the defendant was intentionally running over people.

The defendant and his girlfriend were both jailed for lack of bail.  His bond is set at 25,000 and hers at $10,000.

They're both out on bail.

Beleagured residents of the block, joined by members of local Community Board 10, have made countless quality-of-life complaints, but the city persistently tunes them out.

93 Lounge is owned by Ron Coury.

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