New York Times Closes Its Environment Reporting Desk

The AP reports that the New York Times is closing its environment reporting desk and reassigning its seven reporters and two editors to other departments, eliminating the editor and deputy editors.

The fate of the Green Blog has yet to be decided.

Last month, the Times, in a cost-cutting move, offered buyouts to 30 newsroom managers, but said money wasn't the reason it dismantled the environment desk.

Today, it said, the environment is seen as just one of the many aspects of a complex story.

The Times restructured its education desk a few months ago, and may do the same to religion reporting.

According to the Daily News, worldwide coverage of climate change fell for the third year in 2012, with the New York Times being the most reliable reporter on the environment.

The Times says it will continue to aggressively cover climate change going forward, despite its decision to dismantle its environment desk.

Media watchers saw the Times' decision to break up its environmental reporting team and end its exclusive coverage of environmental issues as "a bad sign."

The timing sure couldn't be worse. 

The article from the AP.

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