Mulchfest at Owl's Head This Weekend

In an email blast today, State Senator Marty Golden encouraged local residents to take part in "Muchfest 2013" by mulching their Christmas trees this weekend.

The city will be firing up the chippers from 10 AM to 2 PM tomorrow, Saturday, January 12 and Sunday, January 13 at Owl’s Head Park (68th Street and Colonial Road in Bay Ridge) and Marine Park (Avenue U and East 33rd Street).

Turning your Christmas tree into wood chips rather than adding it to the garbage stream can provide the New York City Parks Department with mulch for trees and plants -- or you with bags of mulch to use on your garden.  Your option.

Be sure to remove lights and ornaments before you bring your tree to Mulchfest.

If you're not close to Owl's Head or Marine Park, find other Mulchfest locations by calling 311 or visi the NYC Parks Dept. website.

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