Bill Thompson Makes His Move

He's cut back his hours at his Wall Street job to focus on his campaign and stepped up his fundraising schedule, telling the Wall Street Journal he'll leave in March to campaign full time for mayor.

Since the spring of 2010, former city Comptroller and second-time Democratic mayoral candidate Thompson has worked as a senior managing director at Seibert Brandford Shank and Co., a municipal bonds underwriter. 

When he ran against Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2009 -- coming to within 5 points of winning -- he took flack for being too laid back.  This time, he's vowed to turn up the heat.

His move into a field dominated by elected officials with bigger warchests -- Christine Quinn, Public Avdocate Bill deBlasio and Comptroller John Liu -- signals the start of campaign season.

Thompson, a Brooklyn-born African American with Caribbean roots, is expected to do well with black voters.  As a former city comptroller and mayoral candidate, he has good name recognition, but has struggled in the polls this time around.

In the Wall Street Journal interview, Thompson criticized Christine Quinn for her flip on the term limits law in 2008, which gave her and Mayor Michael Bloomberg a third term in office, wondering if Mayor Quinn's first term would actually be Mayor Bloomberg's fourth.

He also disagreed with Quinn's plan to keep Ray Kelly as police commissioner, and accused Quinn of presiding over "irresponsible" city budgets that set aside no money for future public-employee union contracts.

The primary is set for Sept. 10.

The Wall Street Journal article, reprinted on the Thompson campaign website.

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