Albanese: "Hire More Cops"

Democratic mayoral candidate and former five-term New York City Council Member Sal Albanese has released a public safety plan: the first mayoral candidate to do so.

It calls for an 11% increase in hiring by the New York City Police Department, to bring down the homicide rate and improve response to quality-of-life issues.

The city can’t afford to take public safety for granted, Albanese said. 

The plan would add 3,800 uniformed personnel to the NYPD, where, due to budget cuts, staffing levels are at a 20-year low.  Having more cops in the local precincts, Albanese said, would foster stronger relationships with surrounding communities and more effectively address quality-of-life violations, rising subway theft, and crime in public housing.

Albanese, who served 15 years on the City Council’s Public Safety Committee and is widely regarded as an expert on policing, said he was surprised the other candidates aren’t discussing public safety, noting that, while serious crime is down overall in the last 20 years, it is a major issue in neighborhoods like East New York.

Under his plan, Albanese said, the city police force would be more responsive, violent crime and homicides would continue to decline, and New York would continue to be "America's safest big city."

You can read the plan here.

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