Albanese To Address Lambda Independent Democrats

Former City Council Member from Bay Ridge and Democratic candidate for mayor Sal Albanese will address the Annual Meeting of the Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn (LID), at Camp Friendship, 339 8th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at 8 PM tomorrow, Thursday, January 31.

Albanese on the Bloomberg Budget

Albanese, in a media release, blamed Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a fiscal 2014 budget proposal asking taxpayers to foot the bill for his administration's management failures.

Bloomberg, Albanese said, has treated the city like his personal fiefdom and its workers like serfs.

While Bloomberg may have helped put the city on solid financial footing early in his term, his demonization of city workers is bad politics and bad public policy, Albanese said.

Bloomberg's failure to negotiate fair contracts with unionized city workers and loss of a billion dollars in revenues will leave behind a demoralized city workforce and long-term budget woes, he said.

And by cutting vital city services while a complicit political class looked away, said Albanese, Bloomberg has broken the ladder that generations of New Yorkers climbed from the working to the middle class.

The moral failures of Bloomberg and the cadre of career politicians who have failed to provide New Yorkers with a way forward, he said, will only widen the income gap between the city's rich and poor.

New Yorkers, said Albanese, need a truly independent, in-touch, responsible leader that will negotiate fair contracts with the city's unions, strengthen the middle class, and bring private sector jobs to the city.

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