"Rapid Repairs" or Rip-off?

Launched by Mayor Bloomberg on October 29, after Hurricane Sandy devastated coastal areas of the city, NYC Rapid Repairs was designed to quickly rebuild storm-ravaged homes.

But according to the Daily News, Rapid Repairs itself needs fixing. 

Homeowners in hard-hit Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach told the News they've had to spend their own money to fix or finish jobs botched or abandoned by Rapid Repairs contractors, who often don't return for weeks -- if they come back at all.

Funded mainly by FEMA, Rapid Repairs was supposed to rebuild thousands of flood-damaged homes in Southern Brooklyn. More than 4,200 Brooklyn homeowners are registered for the program. According to the city, 1,000 homes are under repair or have been completed.

But homeowners told the News that inspectors sign off on work but never follow up; and that teams of electricians, demo men and plumbers work the same site without coordinating with each other, leaving a trail of broken boilers, half-gutted houses, and abandoned, desperate homeowners.

State Senator Marty Golden said his office is working the case.

The article from the Daily News.

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