Eater at the Danish Athletic Club

Foodie blog Eater recently schlepped out to Brooklyn to review the obscure Danish Athletic Club at 735 65th Street, on the border of Bay Ridge.

The DAC, next-door to the Swedish Football Club and a few blocks from the Norwegian Sporting Club Gjøa, is a reminder of the neighborhood's still-pervasive Scandinavian influence.

Although membership in the Scandinavian clubs is dwindling, the DAC has the advantage of having an operating restaurant on the premises offering "Scandinavian comfort food" like fish pudding, meat cakes (Kjottkaker), pot roast, sweet-and-sour cabbage, boiled potatoes, cream of cauliflower soup, and rice pudding -- all with a side of lingonberries.

And it's a good deal. You can buy a generous, filling meal at the DAC for under $20.

The wood-paneled dining room, separated from the bar by a partition, is no-frills American retro-institutional.

Manager Reidun Thompson, the 60s-era Norwegian immigrant who also serves the food, denied that the DAC, with a loyal-but-dwindling Scandinavian clientele of members and other locals, is scheduled to close at the end of the year.

The locals treat the DAC as their living room, says Eater -- a place with an informal, down-home feel where guest checks are the exception.

The article from Eater.

The Danish Athletic Club on Facebook.

Upcoming at the DAC in February: Fastelavn, on Sunday, February 26.

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