Weprin Bill Would Require Backup Power at Gas Stations

As the gasoline crisis in New York City in Hurricane Sandy's wake stretched into another week and gas stations struggled to restore power to serve drivers lined up for rationed gas, State Assembly Member David Weprin and State Senator David Carlucci have drafted a bill that would require gas stations to keep their fuel pumps running using an alternative power source.

Weprin called it "common sense", given our continued reliance on gasoline, for stations to be prepared for disaster in the face of increasingly destructive storms like Sandy.

The Weprin-Carlucci bill was modeled after Florida legislation passed nearly five years ago to require gas stations and wholesalers, within 24 hours after a natural disaster, to have an onsite generator capable of supplying at least 72 hours of emergency power.

City Comptroller John Liu called the gasoline crisis in New York City a "serious economic and public safety issue", given that New Yorkers depend on gasoline to get to work, run their businesses and provide care for children and the elderly.

Long lines outside gas stations have wasted an estimated $100 million of New Yorkers' time and effort.

Another Frankenstorm like Sandy, Weprin warned, could damage the city’s ports and interrupt the fuel supply, crippling the city.

The article from the Queens Times Ledger.

The gas station lobby opposes the legislation [Huffpost.] 

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