Volunteers Sought for the Rockaways, Brighton

Tomorrow morning:  

New York Communities for Change

New York Communities for Change is putting out an all-hands-on-deck call for volunteers tomorrow, Saturday, November 10.

The plan is to knock on every single door in the Rockaways, to make sure that needed help makes its way to every resident of this devastated community who needs it.

Conditions in the Rockaways are deteriorating, but with the help of a big turnout -- thousands of volunteers -- the situation can be turned around.

Here's the info you'll need:

RSVP by emailing nyccvolunteer@gmail.com or calling (347) 410-6919 ext 285.

If you have a car and other volunteers to ride with you, or if you're volunteering and need a ride, come to NYCC's Downtown Brooklyn office at 10 AM on Saturday.  Volunteers will be dispatched from there to the Rockaways.

The office is at 2-4 Nevins St., 2nd Floor.

Bring your smartphone. You'll need it to enter assessment data, so that aid can be targeted to the people and the places where it's needed ASAP

If you have a carload of friends ready to go, drive straight to the Rockaways to meet up there at 11 AM -- but RSVP first to get the meetup point from NYCC.

If you can't get to Rockaway tomorrow, check out this list of other volunteer and donation opportunities throughout New York City and New Jersey.

New York Communities for Change is part of MoveOn Civic Action, entirely funded by its 7 million members -- no corporate money involved.

Chip in here.

Community Service Society, RSVP and the National and Community Service Corporation

The Community Service Society, together with the RSVP Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and the National and Community Service Corporation, is offering the following volunteer opportunities for RSVP members (join here) in the Hurricane Sandy recovery effort. 
  • Help Distribute Food at Far Rockaway Food Pantry -  Due to storm-related flooding, a Far Rockaway food pantry is closed.  A truckload of City Harvest food is due to be delivered. The people who normally get food at this pantry have not only gone without food, but have likely lost all their possessions and are living without power. If you want to help, email mgemeiner@cssny.org and include your phone number, so that more details can be relayed by phone.
  • Help Bring Food to Seniors Stuck in their Apartments - JASA serves seniors in Brighton Beach and Far Rockaway. Many JASA clients have been stuck in their apartments because their buildings have no elevator service due to power outages. JASA is coordinating volunteers every day from 10 AM - 3 PM to bring food and household items to these seniors until power is restored. If you can walk up 4 flights of stairs and you're ready to commit for as long as it takes, this opportunity is for you. Your help is needed.  Contact mgemeiner@cssny.org for more details. 
Also, if you know of any Hurricane Sandy volunteer opportunities in your community, please email mgemeiner@cssny.org with details.

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