Study: Most Americans Not Prepared for Natural Disasters

According to a recent poll by research and consulting organization YouGov, most Americans, even after a series of disastrous weather events over the past several years, most recently Superstorm Sandy, still have no disaster plan.

Some statistics:
  • Since 2011, the number of Americans who are prepared for disaster has risen by only 5%;
  • Only half of the 36% who are prepared for disaster have an evacuation plan;
  • Young people, although now more worried about natural disasters than older people, are less prepared.
First run in 2011, two months before Hurricane Irene, the YouGov Omnibus Disaster Preparedness Survey asked Americans which natural disaster they most feared (tornadoes) and how well they are prepared for disaster (nearly two thirds -- 64% -- are not prepared).

In Hurricane Sandy's wake, the new YouGov survey showed the number of people in the Northeast who are “very concerned” about natural disasters nearly doubled from 2011 to 2012.  Now 31% of Northeast residents are "very concerned", the highest percentage for any region of the country, with 39% having made disaster preparations.

Other regions of the country have not seen a similar shift.

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