PortSide and the Mary A. Whalen Survive the Hurricane

Waterfront advocacy organization PortSide and its re-purposed tanker ship the Mary A. Whalen, berthed at Pier 9B at Red Hook Container Terminal, came through Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage.

To help its hard-hit Red Hook neighbors, PortSide opened a pop-up recovery center at 351 Van Brunt Street on November 2. In the days after the hurricane, 351 was the go-to place to find an electrician. Before FEMA set up in the IKEA cafeteria, PortSide perched a wireless modem in a street tree so neighbors could log onto FEMA's website.

For updates on the Red Hook recovery effort and to find out how to help, follow PortSide on Twitter @PortSideNewYork and Facebook. To volunteer in Red Hook, check in at 499 Van Brunt (Fairway).

Contribute to ReStoreRedHook, a recovery fund for local small businesses, by buying tickets for Jalopy's music fundraiser on Wednesday, November 21.  Tickets are available here, with more events to be listed here.

PortSide is seeking the following:
  • Volunteers with TWIC cards. RSVP by calling Carolina Salguero at 917-414-0565.
  • A marine electrician and a new transformer. 
  • A conservator to restore flood-damaged historic paper artifacts stored off-ship that are now dry.  Also flooded were the artifacts at PortSide's 145 Columbia pop-up display.

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