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Bakery owners Allison and Matt Robicelli, whose factory is in Zone A, are running a grassroots Hurricane Sandy relief effort out of their tiny Bay Ridge apartment.

The couple lost a small fortune in inventory and a weeks' income when their Industry City factory lost power in the storm's aftermath, so, like thousands of other hurricane victims, they're hurting.  But, as entrepreneurs, they've learned a lot about crisis management.

While organizing a holiday shopping portal linking local businesses through "Made in NYC", Allison Robicelli learned from friends and neighbors in Brooklyn and Staten Island that they weren't getting the help they needed to recover from the storm.

So she got on Twitter and Facebook and started networking to bring the help to the need.  People were soon coming over to make food, pack cars with supplies, and drive out to hard-hit neighborhoods like Midland Beach and Sea Gate.

The next phase of the effort is a hot food hub in Bay Ridge dispatching food and supplies through a "mobile relief center" to support people -- many of them elderly -- who are still living in their ruined neighborhoods while they rebuild.

The article from Brooklyn Magazine.

The Robicelli's Bay Ridge Cares on Facebook. 

You can drop off food donations at the Bay Ridge Cares kitchen at St. Mary's Church, 81st Street and Ridge Blvd. (basement entrance), from 10 AM to 4 PM Monday through Saturday.

More from Brooklyn Daily.

Elsewhere in the nabe, the Third Avenue Merchants Association has established a Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund [Home Reporter.]

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