Henry Harde's Selling T-Shirts for Breezy

Henry Harde's Wines and Liquors, at 9314 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, is selling T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts to benefit the Breezy Point Disaster Relief Fund.

The navy blue shirts, with the slogan "Keep Calm and Rebuild Breezy" printed in white under a red wagon logo, are $20.  The hooded sweatshirts are $40.

In the coming weeks, the shirts will be made available via the internet for mail order delivery.  I'll post the link when I get it. 

"Rebuild Breezy" on Facebook.


Rebuild Breezy said...

Lets pool our talents and resources and community to work together" contact https://www.facebook.com/RebuildBreezyPoint

tscott said...

Can u mail these upstate?!

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