Golden, Grimm Survive the Election

The Gerrymander and a Hurricane Sandy-enabled "Guiliani moment" featuring media-escorted tours of disaster hotspots like Gerritsen Beach and Tottenville helped six-term incumbent Conservative Republican (R-22nd District) and first-term incumbent Conservative Republican Michael Grimm hang onto their seats in a watershed election year that saw significant gains by progressives nationwide.

Golden, who carries water for the Roman Catholic bishops on women and gays and supports hydrofracking for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, tallied 58% of the vote to Gounardes' 42%.

Golden's platform was essentially law, order and pork.

Both Golden and Grimm are known for trying to put the Republican brand on the American flag.

In the 11th Congressional District, in which Bay Ridge is lumbered with Staten Island, scandal-plagued Michael Grimm's Democratic challenger Mark Murphy garnered 46% of the vote to Grimm's 53% -- seven points shy of the 60% by which most Southern Brooklyn incumbents won.

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