Transalt Fare Hike Twitter Bomb Tomorrow

Advocacy organization Transportation Alternatives reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo has said nothing about the proposed MTA fare hike.

Transalt will make a bid for the governor's attention tomorrow by traveling the entire New York City subway system and by mounting a Twitter campaign.

So far, more than 15,500 New Yorkers have signed its “Stop the Fare Hike” petition, but it wants another 50,000 signatures before the petition goes to Governor Cuomo, so it's mounting a “Stop the Fare Hike” petition drive on Twitter.

To join the drive, go on Twitter and share the petition at stopthefarehike.com by tweeting at your friends, your local politicians and any media contacts using the hashtag #StopTheFareHike.

Follow @transalt to track the progress of the “Race to Stop the Fare Hike” drive.

Sample tweets:
  • "$125 MetroCard? No way! Stop the Fare Hike! stopthefarehike­.com #StopTheFareHike"
  • "It's time for @NYGovCuomo to stand up for NYC subway and bus riders and stop the fare hike! stopthefarehike­.com #StopTheFareHike" 
  • "To stop the fare hike, @stefanie_gray from @transalt is going to beat the subway race record. Help her cause: stopthefarehike­.com #StopTheFareHike."
Be one of the 50,000 names on the “Stop the Fare Hike” petition.

Maybe 65,500 names will be enough to get the governor's attention.

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