The Times Dumps on Mark Murphy

Hopefully, Democratic congressional candidate and fourth-generation Staten Islander Mark Murphy, campaigning for Conservative Republican Michael Grimm's congressional seat in the 13th District this November, isn't as dull a candidate as the New York Times paints him.

But then, the Times thinks Bay Ridge is "working class."

Faulting Murphy for knocking on too few doors, hosting too few press conferences, and staking out the Staten Island Ferry Terminal too few times, the Times characterized Murphy, son of a former congressman, as still struggling for "traction" in a race the national Democratic organization sees as an important chance to pick up a House seat.

With Grimm leading by what it says is 10 points, the Times characterized Murphy as in need of rescue by national Democrats, quoting Bay Ridge City Council Member Vinnie Gentile as saying Murphy is, in so many words, invisible.

In late September, according to the Times, 46% of likely Democratic voters Murphy’s district didn't know who he was.  Murphy's $260,000 in campaign funds can't make up that difference against Grimm's mighty $1.3 million warchest, it said.

Recycling the Grimm campaign's snark that the divorced Murphy, who lived in California for 18 years before returning to Staten Island, is a "failed actor" who "lives in his father's basement", the Times posted a link from the Grimm campaign site to a video showing Murphy, in his acting days, getting swatted by a blonde with a two-by-four.

Unimpressed by Murphy's endorsements from labor leaders and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, the praise he's received from elected officials impressed by his quick grasp of campaigning, or his recent TV ad buys, the Times characterized Murphy as inexperienced, the son of a corrupt politician, and his party's default choice only because the Grimm race was, at the time, seen as a throwaway.

Sitting down with Murphy for a slice at West New Brighton's Vincent's pizzeria, the Times painted him as halting, inarticulate and secretive.

Unfazed by Murphy’s extensive campaign schedule, the Times called him anything but a "superstar" -- a politician more interested in fundraising than in meeting people.

The Grimm campaign can hang onto that $1.3 million. The city's newspaper of record is doing its job for free.

The article from the New York Times.

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