The Community Board: "Where the Rubber Meets the Road"

Advocacy organization Transportation Alternatives, recruiting prospective Community Board members in Manhattan and Queens, interviewed Bay Ridge civic activist Bob HuDock, who sits on Brooklyn Community Board 10, as an example of what members can achieve.

HuDock leads a cadre of CB 10 members that has changed the local dialogue about complete streets, including street-sharing measures like bike lanes and pedestrian safeguards.

The city Department of Transportation got a hostile reception at CB 10 when it first announced a plan to install bikes lanes on Bay Ridge Parkway in 2011.  A year later, CB 10 named five local streets where bike lanes would be welcome.

Through going to Community Board meeetings, HuDock said, he learned about the issues affecting the neighborhood.  From there, he joined the debate, starting out by talking to neighbors over coffee.

For him, civic engagement began with the Community Board, where, he said, "the rubber meets the road."

The article from Transalt.  (No recruitment in Brooklyn.)

You can't win 'em all. HuDock's plan to put a bike lane on the Verrazano hits the MTA wall [Brooklyn Eagle.]

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