New Kings Democrats Call for Voting Fraud Investigation

In a letter to the city Board of Elections, the city Department of Investigation and the Brooklyn District Attorney, progressive Democratic club New Kings Democrats called for an investigation into voting fraud at the Democratic Primary on September 13.

According to NKD president Matt Cowherd, there is a wealth of credible evidence, from multiple sources, including poll workers and voters, of illegal activity at the polls on that day.

Most of the reports come from the polling site at 215 Heyward Street in Williamsburg, which reported over 3,300 votes cast -- the highest voter turnout in New York City by a wide margin.

Credible reports, according to Cowherd, included:
  • Proxy voting.  The BOE collected 24 affidavit ballots -- 9 from 215 Hayward Street -- from Williamsburg residents who said they found when they got to the polls that somebody else had already voted in their name.
  • People on vacation in Ukraine on September 13 somehow managed to sign the scribe book and cast ballots.
  • Poll workers and site coordinators reported seeing voters casting multiple ballots.
  • A man under 25 gave a name at the registration table that belonged to a person in their late forties, and fled the scene when asked for that person's date of birth.
  • A voter identified as a non-resident of the district tried to vote another person's name. When confronted by the site coordinator, he left.
Non-voters were reportedly wandering in and out of the polling place at 215 Heyward through unsecured entrances, helping voters mark their ballots; changing people's ballots; and handing out campaign literature. Eventually, after complaints from Poll Watchers, the NYPD and the BOE cleared the site.

Poll workers at 215 Heyward were visibly frustrated by the chaos in the out-of-control room.

The NKD, Cowherd said, believe that there is credible evidence of an organized voter fraud effort at 215 Heyward, and that the chaos created by the presence of as many as 50 non-voters inside the polling place was designed to cover the fact that voters were being strong-armed and that people were voting multiple times.

Each of the poll workers present, Cowherd said, should be interviewed. In the meantime, he said, some practical steps need to be taken to reduce the chaos at sites like 215 Heyward. 

The NKD have called for an investigation into the irregularaties at 215 Heyward.  The pandemonium at the site, Cowherd said, was an embarrassment to the city, which needs to institute appropriate reforms. 

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