Murphy: Grimm Is Ryan's Man

In the run-up to the vice-presidential debate, Democrat Mark Murphy, challenging Conservative Republican incumbent Michael Grimm in the 11th Congressional District, slammed Grimm for defending Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s budget plan and extremist agenda, which Murphy called devastating to seniors and the middle class.

Grimm, said Murphy, supports Ryan's plan to eliminate Medicare as we know it, replacing it with a voucher system that would hit seniors with skyrocketing cost increases; and embraces Ryan’s efforts to create tax breaks for wealthiest 1% while raising taxes on the middle class.

Like Ryan, he said, Grimm works for the wealthy special interests and votes for middle class-destroying policies that would make it harder for seniors to get health care.

Although Grimm's constituents have aggressively challenged his support of the Ryan plan, including ending Medicare, Murphy said, Grimm has stood firm, rejecting the priorities of his own constituents and refusing to represent them in Washington.

In a statement after the debate on Thursday, October 11, Murphy said it had shown how dangerous and extreme Paul Ryan's views really are.

No matter how hard they try, Murphy said, Grimm and Ryan can't explain how they will fund their Medicare plan without seniors paying thousands of dollars more each year.

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