The Mayor's Super-PAC

The Koch brothers aren't the only billionaires taking advantage of the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision to drop megabucks on elections this year. As the New York Times  reported,  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent, registered his own super-PAC last week, with plans to spend up to $15 million on a dozen or so local, state and national races.

The Bloomberg conduit, called Independence USA PAC, could drop as much as $1 million per candidate, a significant amount for any campaign.

Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, who heads Independence USA PAC, has taken a leave of absence to decide where to target ad buys between now and election day.

The formation of the super-PAC, coming at the end of Bloomberg's mayoralty, is seen as signaling his national political ambitions.  It will endorse candidates across the political spectrum based on three key Bloomberg policy initiatives:  legalizing gay marriage, enacting tougher gun laws, and "Bloomberging" public education -- a combination of tightening up on teachers and privatizing public schools.

Huffpost reports that Bloomberg won't rule out injecting unlimited amounts of cash into the 2013 New York City mayoral race to support his candidate of choice, most likely City Council Speaker Christine Quinn or NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Public Advocate Bill deBlasio said that another cash offensive by Bloomberg, who dropped $109 million of his own money on this third term in office, is the last thing New York City voters need.

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