Karl Rove's Long Game

After the ugly death of the George W. Bush presidency, Democrats thought that Karl Rove was gone for good.

That was a serious mistake.

Rove's fall from grace didn't last long. Now he's back -- as boss of the national Republican Party.

A long-game player, Rove doesn't just want to win elections:  he wants to dominate American politics.

Citizens United, the US Supreme Court decision that unleashed corporate spending on politics, is Rove's most powerful political weapon.  In an America where corporations are "people", Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Billionaires control "free speech."

Rove quickly pulled down $30 million -- nearly four times more than the RNC has -- from a network of disaffected Republican millionaires he has built up over two decades and created two opaque not-for-profits:  American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, that function as the alternative Republican Party.

As one Republican commenter put it:  "There are the Democrats.  Then, there's Karl Rove."

And the Democrats don't have the stomach for Rove's game. 

Rove bought Mitt Romney for $1 billion in super-PAC money.  If Romney, backed by multi-millionaires, billionaires, super-PACs and 501(c)(4)s, wins the presidential election, Rove is looking at a "payout" of several trillion dollars.

No longer just Bush's brain, Rove is now the brain of the Republican Party.  The master of the super-PACs has become the ultimate party boss.

The article from Alternet.

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