Gounardes-Golden Debate at St. Phillip's

Brooklyn Daily reports that, in their first debate at Dyker Heights Civic Association at St. Phillip's Episcopal Church last Tuesday night, Democratic state senate candidate Andrew Gounardes went on the offensive against Conservative Republican incumbent Marty Golden, painting the five-term senator as a GOP loyalist who consistently votes with Upstate and Long Island against his own district.

Taking up gun control, women’s rights and education, Gounardes blamed Golden for Bay Ridge's overcrowded schools and for repeatedly refusing to support emergency contraception for rape victims.

Golden defended by standing on his record in Albany, casting Gounardes' progressive politics as naive.

Golden's assertion that "government has no place meddling in religion" predictably stated only half of the doctrine of the separation of church and state:  the US Constitution also stands for the proposition that religion has no place meddling in government.

The deeply-divided audience -- the DHCA is the civic alter-ego and power seat of Golden loyalist Fran Vella-Marrone -- included both Brooklyn Democratic boss Frank Seddio and Brooklyn Republican party chair Craig Eaton.

The article from Brooklyn Daily.

Video coverage of the debate from Bensonhurst Bean.

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