Why Do State and National Tolerate the Corrupt Brooklyn Democratic Machine?

Why, asks Mole's Progressive Democrat, has the Democratic National Committee tolerated a corrupt, boss-ridden Kings County Democratic Party that is unwilling or unable to elect Democrats in close races?

When ailing, politically disgraced Vito Lopez, political heir of jailed former Brooklyn boss Clarence Norman, stepped down as County Chair this summer, giving reformers a long-awaited opening for change, the County Committee replaced Lopez with his longtime lieutenant Frank Seddio, a disgraced former judge, without a word from the DNC.

And when, as County Chair, Lopez endorsed a crony third party candidate against a Democrat he didn't like; or when, until very recently, Lopez actively discouraged Democrats from running against Republican State Senator Marty Golden; or when David Weprin and Lew Fidler lost to Tea Bagger Republicans due to Lopez's apathy, silence from the national Democratic Party.

If one of the chief differences between Democrats and Republicans is the Democrats' willingness to purge corruption, then why, Mole wonders, are guys like Clarence Norman, Vito Lopez and Frank Seddio tolerated by the state and national organization while Brooklyn reformers like Chris Owens, Jo Anne Simon and Lincoln Restler are abandoned?

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