Denied a Liquor License, Restauranteurs Sue Electeds

In a $10 million lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court, Mark Shteynshlyuger and Marat Zagorin, owners of the Galaxy Restaurant on Avenue U, claim that in 2011, State Senator Marty Golden and Assembly Member Steve Cymbrowitz cost them a liquor license by telling the State Liquor Authority and CB 15 that the business -- formerly named "Pleasure Island", would be a strip club.

The lawsuit also charges CB 15 chair Theresa Scavo with discriminating against them because they are non-Jews.

Scavo, in response, pointed to the more than 300 local residents who had opposed the restaurant.

It's unclear if Cymbrowitz and Golden, although they opposed the liquor license, spread rumors that the restaurant would feature strippers.

The owners claim to have lost $425,000 in renovations and a projected $4.5 million in profits due to the denial of the liquor license.

The restaurant, which has never opened, is trying to negotiate a rent deal with its landlord.

The article from the Daily News.

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