The Switch to 100% Renewable Energy

As the Long Island Power Authority's fossil fuel power purchase agreements begin to run out in 2013, facing LIPA with long-term power-buying decisions, a new study by Long Island Clean Electricity Vision foresees a 100% renewable energy future for Long Island.

CEV, which grew out of a group of environmental professionals called the Long Island Energy Roundtable, asked the timely question whether Long Island could meet all of its electricity needs with alternative energy technologies available now.

Through a combination of grants and partnerships, CEV hired respected consulting firm Synapse Energy Economics to produce the study: “A Long Island Clean Electricity Vision – Supplying 100% of Long Island’s Electricity Needs from Renewable Power”. 

The study found that 100% of Long Island's residential electricity needs could be met from clean, renewable power sources by the end of this decade, and all of Long Island’s electricity could be sourced from carbon-free renewable resources by 2030.

A number of other, similar studies from other regions of the world have reached similar conclusions.

There is broad scientific consensus that we have to significantly lower CO2 in the earth's atmosphere to avert irreversible climate change. Holding CO2 to the target of 350 PPM by the year 2050 means moving to carbon-free energy now.

Moving to clean energy now means a paradigm shift of massive, historic proportions -- on the order of the space age in the 1960s or the information technology revolution of the 1990s.

Countries like Scotland and Denmark have done it, and cities like San Francisco and Munich have met or are well on their way to meeting the goal of 100% renewable energy.

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