The Manhattanization of Brooklyn

Manhattan is the most expensive place to live in America.  And, according to a study by the Council for Community and Economic Research in Washington DC, Brooklyn is now America's second most expensive place to live.

Brooklyn has been Manhattan-ized.

The study focused on costs like transportation, food, prescription drugs, utilities and other typical expenses. Added up, they put the cost of living in Brooklyn just above that of living in Honolulu.

The high cost of living in Brooklyn is a result of the hyper-gentrification of the past decade. As a result, Brooklyn reportedly now has one of the highest income gaps of any area in the country.

The costs of living in DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights compare to the Upper East Side; but go just a few stops on the subway in you're in Brownsville, where so far this year, around 70 people have been shot.

Internet virality, the seemingly never-ending recession, and the flight of priced-out Manhattanites across the East River guarantee that the trend will continue.

The post from the Village Voice.

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