So Who's the Hipster Here?

Henry Stewart, writing for The Measure about a new Bay Ridge beer garden, called out the Brooklyn Paper for astro-turfing and relying on labels like "hipster".

Here's the Brooklyn Paper article Stewart was talking about.

Stewart suspects that "hipsters" don't really exist except as hater-code for "the other".  In "towniespeak", the "hipster" is the outsider, the one who doesn't belong.

The "hipster", Stewart said, is a kind of boogeyman, a creature that embodies the "townie's" anxieties about sexuality, class and cultural identity.

Stewart, a Bay Ridge native, fits the "hipster" stereotype himself, he said:  a young, bearded, bike-friendly vegan who likes art, works in media and likes to drink beer outdoors.

In an email, Will Bredderman, the Brooklyn Paper reporter whose story Stewart riffed on, accused this blog of echoing Stewart's "hipster denial", questioning how, if hipsters don't exist, Stewart could've written articles like this about them.

Ironic, isn't it?

The article from the L Magazine.

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