Murphy: Grimm a Romney Parrot

In a press release today, Democrat Mark Murphy, challenging Conservative Republican Michael Grimm for Congress in the 11th district, said Grimm and Romney share the same contempt for the so-called "47%" of Americans targeted by Romney in his now-infamous fundraising speech to rich people in Boca Raton.

Murphy reminded voters in Grimm's district that, in a recent a NY1 debate, Grimm parroted the Romney line that 47% of Americans pay no federal taxes.

In the same debate, Grimm said these Americans need "skin in the game", echoing Romney's view that the "47%" are freeloaders who prefer to accept government help rather than take responsibility for themselves.

Grimm's disdain for working families in his district, reflected in his refusal to deliver middle class tax relief and his support of Paul Ryan's budget, echoes Romney's, Murphy said.

More on Romney's speech from the Daily Beast.

Romney's going to try to spin his way out of that ditch [Daily News.]

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