Grimm Campaign Office Vandalized

Politicker reports that Congressional Representative Michael Grimm’s Staten Island campaign office, at 2582 Hylan Blvd., was vandalized overnight, leaving windows broken and computer hard drives erased.

Grimm campaign workers said they found the damage when they arrived on Sunday morning.

In a statement, Grimm called the incident, which he believes is politically motivated, a cowardly "assault on democracy."

The NYPD and the Capitol Police are investigating.

Mark Murphy, Grimm's Democratic Congressional opponent, issued this statement today:
"There is never any place for violence or vandalism in an electoral campaign or political debate. We hope that the police quickly apprehend whomever was responsible for this criminal act and prosecute all parties involved to the fullest extent of the law."
The Grimm campaign reported other incidents of vandalism, including lawn posters being removed by a woman walking a dog who was caught on surveillance video.  The campaign says it will release the video to the public and seek the woman's arrest.

The alleged break-in happened three days after former Grimm fundraiser Ofer Biton was arraigned in federal court.

The article from Politicker.

Democrats are suspicious of Grimm's break-in story [Politicker.]

No conspiracy: the vandals were just a couple of teenagers who thought they were targeting a car dealership [Daily News.]

And the story about the hard drives being erased? That didn't check out either [New York Magazine.]

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