Gentile Offers Parents Help with Busing Problems

In an email blast, City Council Member Vinnie Gentile said Bay Ridge parents who have been coming to his office to complain about their school busing nightmares not only deserve answers, but could help him make his case in an upcoming City Council hearing with the Department of Education.

Parents' complaints have included buses arriving too late for school and kids being forced to walk as many as 15 blocks from their assigned stops.

Gentile is urging parents in his district to bring their school busing complaints to his office, promising the office will try to solve them.  The more parents who come forward, he said, the more ammo the City Council will have in the upcoming DOE hearing.
Gentile said his staff was actively working with a responsive DOE to get parents' busing problems fixed.

His district office is at 8703 3rd Avenue and is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM til 5:30 PM.

The office is also available by phone at (718) 748-5200 or email at vgentile@council.nyc.gov.

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