Express Bus Stop Restored

According to a press release from Council Member Vinnie Gentile, the Staten Island X17 will take over the former X28 express stop at Dahlgren Place and 86th Street in Bay Ridge on weekends.

This change, and the restoration of X27 weekend service, will take effect on September 30.

The new schedule will be online Sunday, September 23 at mta.info or you can get a hard copy from Gentile’s office after the 24th.

Gentile said his next task is to restore bus service to 2010 levels by renewing Third Avenue Bus service to Downtown Brooklyn and Lutheran Hospital, bringing back X28 weekend express service, and reversing the B64 and the B1 lines.

A lawsuit Gentile filed with State Senator Martin Golden in 2010 saw restoration of weekday service on the X37 and X38.

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