Could "the Unthinkable" Happen?

That Democrat Mark Murphy could possibly defeat incumbent Congressional Representative Michael Grimm in the 11th/13th CD is looking more likely by the day.

According to a new Siena Poll, Grimm's support remains stuck below 50%, despite his claims of innocence, and voters have rejected what the Murphy campaign calls the "Grimm-Ryan plan to end Medicare as we know it".

With Election Day six weeks out, Grimm is looking vulnerable.  Murphy may just pull off an underdog victory that seemed unthinkable just a few months ago.

His campaign recently gained further momentum by garnering the plum endorsement of former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, a leading Democratic influencer in Southern Brooklyn, particularly among older Jewish voters.

Koch's glowing endorsement praised Murphy's commitment to Democratic values, his political pragmatism, and his understanding of the plight of the American middle class. Congress needs Murphy's vision, intelligence and commitment to working families, Koch said.

The 40,000-member Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), UFCW), which also recently endorsed Murphy, praised his willingness to put working people and the middle class first by raising the federal minimum wage, withdrawing subsidies for corporations that outsource American jobs, and creating more decent jobs here.

The union characterized Grimm as one of the congressional "zealots and obstructionists" who want to cheat working people and the middle class, noting that Grimm, as a restaurant owner, robbed his employees of their wages, and has refused to advocate for working people and the middle class in Congress.

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