After "Epic" Mobilization, CWA Wrings an Agreement from Verizon

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In a press release announcing the details of the agreement it reached with Verizon last month, the Communications Workers of America Districts 1-3 called the contract a victory for the union and progressive allies.

During a negotiation that began in June, 2011 and went on for thirteen months, the 34,000 member union fought off what it called the most aggressive attack by telecommunications giant Verizon in industry history.

The four-year agreement that resulted retains members' pension and job security, provides for a substantial wage increase, and preserves decent health coverage.

Some 11,000 members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and 70 technicians who maintain New York City cell sites for Verizon Wireless are also included in the deal.

The agreement is now out for ratification by the rank and file.

Union leaders thanked workers, their families, and allies, including Jobs with Justice, the AFL-CIO, the central labor councils and state federations, community and faith-based organizations, and elected leaders, who joined the "epic" mobilization in support of the union.

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